Static Icon's third album "metropolis mindfuck" was released on the 18th of August 2014 and is a sonic odyssey spanning twenty years. It is the story of the new millenium's end of innocence. It captures all the brutality, beauty and truth of lives pressed up against a backdrop of industrial dark club beats and vast sweeping strings.

The most personal album by far, each track is a snapshot of life spent in constant migration through the cities of a Europe in rapid decline.

This is the soundscape of a city, of human evolution, of a man made hell.

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Thank you to everyone who helped bring these tracks finally to the light of day. Especially to Victoria F. Gaitán for her amazing cover art "Hole, Pt 2" and to Andrew Bayfield for his tireless patience during the lengthy mastering process. Thank you to the fans who have been in contact over the years. This is also for you.